"Never doubt,
that a small group
of thoughtful
committed citizens
can change
the world."

Margaret Mead


+ About Prana

The name Prana— is a sanskrit word meaning “lifeforce”, the life energy which keeps the body alive, healthy and maintains a state of good health. Pranic healing is one of the oldest and widespread forms of health treatment. Prana does not treat the illness it treats the person. It is the energy that drives life, the power that animates the body, enlivens the mind, spurs the soul.

Prana is life’s inspiration, its foundation, its tenacity; it is the sure hand on the tiller, the wise voice of good counsel, the urge to health and harmony that craves to turn our bodies into havens where we can take shelter from the storms of the hectic modern world. Prana is at work at every instant in every cell of every living organism, seeking ever to deliver us from disease and confirm us in health, but only in those few people who are genetically fated to be healthy does prana automatically regulate its momentum. We us must cultivate our prana.