Life Force

+ Packaging


Prana will cultivate a culture of excellence and will cultivate a marketplace perception of premium quality. Prana's culture of excellence will be reflected in all touch points of the consumer-from simple communication brochures to best in class package design to continually reinforce consumer connection, product quality, product relevancy, committment to quality of life, personal values, ethics, accountability, social responsibility, and healthy planet-body-mind-spirit.

The packaging will attempt to serve the aesthetic connection of the target market (cultural creatives) but also take into account the context of mass food and drug and the mass consumer.

Mass retail design approaches tend to lean more toward "the loud more aggressive graphic as oppossed to the well designed more aesthetic graphic.

Our approach to the design is to find a balance between these two extremes and produce fresh, new packaging that will differentiate, communicate quickly, is consumer friendly and retains "design dignity".