Healthy Aging

+ Key Drivers

Interest in alternative health has grown exponentially in the last 15 years. It started as a grassroots movement and the early adopters (cultural creatives) core sensibilities about health and healthcare began to influence the mass consumer. Several merging key drivers proplelled the grassroots movement into a legitimate critical mass and alternative medicine as a legitimate health ideaology and modality.

There are several new key drivers that will again transition alternative health into greater acceptability as a health model, life enhancement, prevention of illness, treatment of illness.

The Key Drivers that have shaped and key drivers that are re-shaping:

Consumers dissatisatisfaction with conventional medicine and patient- doctor interface.

Consumers dissatisfaction with "pharmaceutical care."

Shift and growth in alternative demographics/psychographics lifestyles.

Positive media through the 90's contributed to significant consumer awareness, acceptance, sales growth.

Internet - information access.

Consumers fueling greater interest in self care due to rising health costs and mistrust of institutional medicine..

Category has had very negative press the last 5 years.

Category is undermarketed, poorly marketed, has over relied on tactical selling.

Products have proliferated, become commoditized, price sensitive, acute margin pressures.

Due to negative media, confusion of avalanche of products, there is significant consumer turnoff.

Aging population

Efficacy and credibility

More restrictive regulatory, claims.

No meaningful consumer brand that connects to consumer and spreads beyond it's national heritage.